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Novelette: Strip Club Shooting


No one could have seen the next attack coming. The timing and place so different from the past ones. This time the shooter didn’t enter a school or a theatre full of innocent people. This time it was different.

Strip Club Shooting tells a story of a ruthless attack late at night to a New York City gentleman’s club. It’s a tale of three persons trapped in the middle of chaos and horror, story of their reactions and destiny. It’s a story of courage.

Attackers roam the strip club killing everyone in cold blood and broadcasting their atrocities live on social media for all the world to see and horrify.

Three individuals from different walks of life are forced to face the same impending threat. Isolated each to their own hiding place they connect with the outside world with their mobile phones to call for help and say final goodbyes to their loved ones.

As the events unfold the actions of each interlink together with an unforeseen outcome. And when the dust finally settles one question remains unanswered.

What would you do in order to survive?