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Paulus Maasalo spent considerable amount of conjuring up stories while growing up in his small windowless room (true story, not even a view to the nearby highway). In those circumstances, probably due to the lack of anything more stimulating to do than listen to the never-ending stream of traffic, he came up with his first novel ideas.

But it wasn’t until later that Maasalo became a published author.

You see, life took a totally expected turn and the future author ended up graduating from university and getting full on into the rat race. And, as one might guess, soon after responsibilities as a parent followed. Also, the first book ideas weren’t that brilliant either.

So, in the end it wasn’t until 2011 when his first novel was published in his native Finnish language. This event marked the official birth of the author Paulus Maasalo. The rest is history. Or future. Whichever.

You can find Maasalo also from Facebook and from Goodreads.