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On writing and the perpetual lack of time

Time-managementOne of the most commonly asked questions any writer (who does not belong to the select few who actually makes a living by writing stories) is about time. When do you have time to write? Do you not do any chores around the house? Don’t you have any friends to see or places to be? No responsibilities after work, right? Always ordering food online, never cooking anything?

Spoiler alert! The plot is about to take a major twist.

The trick is not in finding loopholes in space-time continuum but in working on ideas on the go. Sitting at a desk, fingers resting on a keyboard, does very little to spark imagination. The thinking process can happen, and most often automatically does, when occupied with something else. Brushing teeth or acting as if paying attention to the boss at work are both equally good times for coming up with new content.

So, there you go. One trade secret revealed.

Of course there is still the matter of finding time to put all those brilliant ideas on paper, but maybe we’ll leave that topic for another time.  😉


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